August 31, 2005

Hollywood Hardship:

Huricane Katrina basically demolished several cities in the New Orleans region - leaving thousands upon thousands of people without electricity, clean water and in some cases homeless. But that isn't what is important here as I saw this article on my Yahoo Entertaiment News - Katrina's Wrath Hits Hollywood.

Hurricane Katrina's assault on the Big Easy is having repercussions in Hollywood.

In the aftermath of the devastating storm that authorities fear left hundreds dead, flooded more than 80 percent of downtown New Orleans, and ravaged the Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama basins has caused several productions in the region to shut down.

Two Disney films were forced to evacuate New Orleans before the hurricane made landfall: Deja Vu, starring Denzel Washington, and The Guardian, with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. The Los Angeles Times reports that the studio hired a charter jet Saturday and flew 70 crew members out of the city and back to Los Angeles before the monster storm slammed into the Gulf coast.

So next time a natural disaster hits your area - make sure you think about the hollywood movies that were forced to be shut down and postponed because of total devistation. Screw the Red Cross, we need to be sending our tax dollars and money to the poor actors who have to go back to their multi-million dollar estates in Los Angelos, CA.

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