May 27, 2010

Fun at the Rec

The Doc (the most awesomest husband ever!) got me a really sweet new camera for a Mother's Day/Early Birthday present! I decided to take it out for a spin at our Rec Center taking pictures of all Miss Sally's classes. This summer I will be working on a bulletin board to showcase all that our cities recreation department has to offer!

Thanks to this project I was able to get David into the last three sessions of a cooking class called Little Chefs. The first week they made mini calzones and this week they made their own edible arrangements. It is so cute seeing all of the kids having fun with food!

David rolling his dough!

Adding the pepperoni!

Shaun having some of the dessert!

David's Edible Arrangement

The boys favorite class is called Tic Tac Splat. It's a class where they get to paint, play with playdough, and get MESSY! Basically they get to do all the things that I don't want them to do at home! After all it would be nice to get our security deposit back!

Glitter and Glue

Ink Art

At Playgroup on Monday, the kids had their annual spring hat parade! The kids each make a cool hat and then they get to march around the rec and wave to the office workers!

Shaun's cool hat (thanks Miss Nicole!)

David's hat that he made all by himself!

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Boston Pam! Nice creations like edib